Ritual: New Moon in Gemini

 New Moon in Gemini: Language Shapes the Future

The New Moon in Gemini is a potent lunation, marking the final New Moon before the eclipses arrive this summer. This is the final lunation for intention-setting of our own design, as the eclipses truly work on their own magickal system, regardless of our whims and wants.

We can set our intentions with this lunation, though, and they will germinate over the next six months, finding full bloom in December.

Gemini is a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury, god of language, wits, poetry, inspiration, practical joking. Words flow naturally, quickly, nervously, from the lungs and nervous system of this sign. This ritual aims to take language as its raw material and from that medium sculpt a vision of a green gold future. One that we inhabit as our true selves, where no one can tell us we’re off track, wrong, or too foolish. No, no more of that my darlings. We’re writing our way forward, under the guardianship of Mercury, Hermes, and Thoth.


Paper and writing implement, they can be of any choosing. Make sure your pen works well, and that your paper will carry your words with strength.

Feel free to gather your favorite incense with which you cleanse your letter at the end of this practice.

  1. Gather your materials and find a comfortable place to sit. When you sit, breathe deeply for ten breaths. Make yourself aware of how your body meets the chair, how your feet meet the floor. Your lungs move in time, too. All of this is important as you focus your mind.

  2. The instructions here are simple. Write a letter to yourself, describing the future you wish you meet. Describe all details of your life, richly, lavishly, with focus and optimism. Write about what you hope to grow through this lunation, and how you will feel through this process. Imagine and write about your sense of pride and warmth at the alignment you find in this honest, purposeful, and positive growth.

  3. Make room though for your shadow. Acknowledge what you will shed. Gemini brings light and darkness, and here you can be sure that the underworld is as potent as Olympus. Write to your former self, finding compassion for that version of you that perhaps needed love and support and didn’t receive it in time. Find ways to gently say farewell to old modes of living, ones which you will have to part ways with in order to find your growth.

  4. When your letter is complete, find your way outdoors. Pick a private space and read the letter to Mercury, aloud. This god celebrates air, language, and lung. Make your words clear and speak with intention as you read this note to the lord of this lunation. If you cannot get outside to a place that feels private and safe, don’t worry. Reading aloud in your own home will be just fine, as well. Regardless of where you find yourself, read with intention, full lungs, and focus.

  5. After this, fold your letter up and pass it through the smoke of your incense, if you’ve chosen to burn some. This cleanses the letter. Smoke escorts your words to the astral plane, where they will sit, germinate, and find fruition. Feel free to sit in meditation with your letter for as long as you like, envisioning the world you wish to inhabit.