Pluto Retrograde 2019

Pluto Retrograde 2019 
♇ Rx 23° ♑︎ - 20° ♑︎

April 24, 2019 - October 3, 2019


Pluto stations retrograde today at 11:45am PST. This is an annual occurrence, which signifies a when we are able to adjust our relationship to power, and to cycle of death and rebirth in our lives.

Pluto is the planet of obsession, control, and revolution. Named after the god of the underworld, transits from Pluto signify change that is both personal as well as collective, and can bring powerful, sweeping change. 

This year, Pluto stations retrograde conjunct Saturn in Saturn, planet of self-mastery, responsibility, and restriction. This Pluto retrograde is clearly about the cultivation of stronger boundaries, and is a call to do some strict and stern housekeeping in the hallways of our hearts. Ask yourself how you participate in unhealthy, out of whack power struggles in your personal life. Are you the instigator of such scenarios? Or are you the recipient of someone else’s ire? This year, you must find ways to free yourself from such abuses (ones you inflict as well as ones inflicted upon you). This is part of the story of coming into your own power, which is part of our Saturn work this year. 

Receiving a loose square from the Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus, the cosmic order we are receiving this year is to untangle ourselves from all unproductive engagements, and to do so will confidence, with visionary energy, as Sun conjunct Uranus imbues us with a unique perspective. This only comes once a year, my friends. It’s like we’ve got a small window onto the way things can be in the future, if we actually take the time now to be honest with ourselves about how we use and engage with power in our lives.

This is also a time for shadow examination, as Pluto and his underworld energy tends to bring up obscured trauma and truth from the depths of our psyche. This transit won’t be all about shocking ourselves into clarity, but rather, as the planet slowly retrogrades backwards from 23° Capricorn to 20° Capricorn, we are here asked to really acknowledge the pain we’ve locked away, to bring it up out into the light, and to carry it with us where we can see it. This is to be done in the name of understanding, and properly integrating, our deepest hurts. It is through this process of integration that we become more ourselves. 

Collectively, this is a time where many of us are feeling called to higher or more inventive spiritual beliefs, as this year’s Pluto retrograde occurs square Neptune, with Neptune as the focal point of a t-square. We’re being asked to do some collective heavy lifting as a society, with the t-square struck between Jupiter, Mars, and Neptune, expansion, war, and fantasy. 

This retrograde ends on October 3rd, 2019, so we’ve got some time to work through these themes. Dreams of utopia can lead us forward, but only if we engage philosophically, critically, and with the full range of tools we have cultivated thus far this year. Calls to save the world, save the environment, save each other, save ourselves, are getting louder. We can work together, Neptune implores us to. But this can only happen if we do the work of Pluto retrograde, examining all the dark recesses of the self, and cutting away the roots that rot, rather than give flower.