Today the Moon is Full in Scorpio. With the Sun and Moon opposed at 27° Scorpio, this lunation brings us the conclusion of a cycle we initiated in November, when the Scorpio Moon was new. 

Scorpio is the ruler of the 8th principle, which talks to us about depth. Scorpio has a reputation for being an intense, penetrative sign, and this comes as no surprise as it is ruled by Mars and Pluto, planets of war and obsessive focus. The 8th principle is the descent into the shadow, the hero’s journey into the underworld. It is about release from the superficial, engaging with the taboo, seeing our trauma, being liberated from fictions of the self. Some might call it seeing in the dark. Remember that for the Romans, the underworld was a vast forest underground, comprised of pine trees. I picture them as ponderosa and douglas fir. 

I think this forest image is a reminder that there is life where we assume death lurks, and this is one of the most vital components of Scorpio. The ability to transcend death, to send up volunteer shoots through the richness of composted soil, to return to ourselves after disappearing. Perseverance through honest engagement of shadow. This is all here for us with the Scorpio Full Moon. 

Full Moons are a moment of release. Something you began in November 2018 has now come to a close, that chapter is resolved, and there is a message for you here. With today’s sextile between the Moon and Saturn, as well as the Moon and Pluto, we are being empowered to build fresh structures, scaffoldings, for our lives going forward. Saturn rules the skeletal system, and in energetic concert with the Moon, we are asked to keep building the road to our most aligned, most honest and empowered selves. 

Today Venus also nestles in close to Uranus, and the planet of love gets an electric shock from the planet of utopic innovation. New attitudes in love, in art, in partnership, and in our value systems, are coming to light. Let them shine. Encourage your own quirk. It is here for a reason. 

I wrote horoscopes for you. Make sure you read for your Sun and rising, my dears. 

Aries + Aries Rising 

Illuminating a piece of your chart that is secret and subterranean, this Full Moon illuminates a part of your world that you often don’t engage. Perhaps there is pain, perhaps there is uncomfortable memory. In November, certain conversations about where you stand in this world in relation to your own values was ignited. That conversation has been percolating in your brain and in your gut now for six months. Consider the ways in which you have grown around themes of value, boundary, how you live in the body, how you experience and process sensory information. This will lead you understand what can now be released, now that the Scorpio Full Moon is here for you, dear Aries. This lunation is an exercise in diving into the psyche, delving into the rich depths of the underworld to find meaning, rather than fear. Release yourself from the expectation that everything can be controlled, but keep a close eye on how things truly make you feel, regardless of others influence. 

Mantra: In Hades, my lilies grow because I am the light that understands my own darkness. 

Taurus + Taurus Rising 

Sweet Taurus, this lunation brings to light questions around the theme of partnership. It is likely that you are able now to make some tough decisions about where you stand in relation to others, and see that things must change in order for you to grow. You are so earth bound, my friend, and this in and of itself is gorgeous. It is a fertile, generous disposition that you naturally possess. With that said, you are being asked to stride forward. The path may be something you did not expect, but I assure you that you are being brought somewhere important. Questions of where you begin and others end have been relevant since November. It is likely that at this point you’ve come to conclusions about the balance between self and other. Remember that boundaries are a way of honoring both parties, and that enforcing yours is your right. From restriction comes growth, sweet bull. It is time to understand that you don’t have to stay put, the Moon pushes you through a new door. 

Mantra: My relationships sustain me as I am nourished by strong boundaries. My heart is lapis, my tongue is sure.  

Gemini + Gemini Rising 

Bright twin, as the sign of duality, you are so many places all of the time. Blessed with a mind that sees light and dark, up and down, it is often hard for you to settle on one perspective, but this is a blessing, not a weakness. With that said, it is so easy to get caught up in the idea of things, that it is often difficult to remain firmly in the body. This full moon lights up a part of your chart that encourages you to release old ways of seeing and being in your body. An old cycle of routines and rituals around your wellness, your circadian habits, is coming to a close. Consider conversations you were having around these themes last November, when the moon was new in Scorpio. The journey you took after that point is now drawing to a close, and you are asked to release from those old ways of being. Remember that health combines mind, body, and spirit, and that your ability to share with others will be at its most robust when you first care for yourself with loving tenderness. 

Mantra: I merge body with mind to, find integration of self. Silver light surrounds me, protection, and blessing. 

Cancer + Cancer Rising 

Cancer your ruler, the Moon is at her peak fullness today, and this surely finds you exploring some big feelings. Whether or not these are positive or difficult, there is an expansiveness of emotional perception here. I hope you are honoring it in a way that supports you. Questions around how you express yourself have urgently been asking for your attention for the past six months, and as you struggle to find the right way of being, you have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. You are sorting through an entire lifetime of seeing and being seen in one particular way, and now it is time to part with old ways of expressing yourself that aren’t actually aligned with your most honest self. There is a tendency in this life to hide. And you, Cancer, have your shell located conveniently on your back at all times. Do away with falsity, my dear, and speak in such a way that you feel like you are really present. It is time. 

Mantra: My love is powerful because I nurture myself as well as others. I sing myself.

Leo + Leo Rising 

Leo how are you feeling these days? Since November you have been mulling over what it means to truly belong in a family, and what family, loyalty, and your roots actually mean to you. This lunation is a release around these themes for you, as you are asked to step into your own power as the cultivator of family on your own terms. You value loyalty and your loved ones so deeply, my dear. Your heart is warm and open, but that doesn’t mean it is indestructible. Things wound you, and you take these slights seriously. Ask yourself if you have been inviting in people who truly belong at your table. Ask yourself if your relationship to family is helpful or destabilizing. Ask yourself what wound you carry from years ago that deserves to be shown a little light, a little tenderness. Release yourself from the expectation that you can be all things to all people, and remember that you are the curator of your own legacy. 

Mantra: From my shoulders glows strength, I am the author of my own family tree. 

Virgo + Virgo Rising 

Earth virgin, this lunation brings up an opportunity for you to release old narratives around one of your most powerful qualities - your mind. Since November, questions around just how you express yourself, how you absorb information, and what kind of learning community you are exactly striving for have come to the surface. It is likely that for the past six months you have encountered some stumbling blocks around just how your message is carried from your mind to your community. This full moon lights up this part of your chart again, signaling that there is a newfound release, or clarity, around the purpose of your intellect in this world. Think back to November 8th. What was happening for you then? Were you struggling with anything in particular? What communicative issues were percolating? Now that the moon is full in Scorpio, you are asked to make peace with your blunders. Doing so will help you release old attachments around words, spoken, written, and heard. There is a new phase ahead of aligned self-expression. Embrace it. 

Mantra: My words are powerful because they are honest, I am truthful, my wit is my blade. 

Libra + Libra Rising 

This lunation illuminates a part of your chart that deals in the senses, boundaries, the body, and money. Since November, you’ve been facing down some tough decisions. Certain systems of value are no longer working for you, and the old structures you built for yourself are asking to be released. Let this Scorpio full moon bring that cycle to its fruition, by letting old ways of assigning value to yourself, your life, your possessions, and your body, all fall away. It is difficult to break habits, this is true. They are habits for a reason. However, this lunation asks you to be honest with what you are cultivating, and why. Do you know why you strive for each and every one of your goals? Are these goals really your own? Or are they reflections of other people’s expectations? This life is yours. Your nature is to harmonize, but an oversimplification of your needs will lead you astray. Release from these old structures and engage deeply with your own criteria. This will drive you forward into the new. 

Mantra: From honesty comes abundance, I let my own senses guide me to truth. 

Scorpio + Scorpio Rising 

Scorpio, the full moon glows on your shoulders, casting an oceanic shadow of pearl across your entire being. I hope you bathe in it today and for the next few days as well. This lunation illuminates the house of self, and you are bringing a new version of yourself into the light. Comfortable in shadow, you are not one to be showy or to overtly promote yourself or your growth. Your reserved stance on life comes from a desire to authentically connect with yourself in all moments of life—the superficial holds no value for you. It is perfect then for this Full Moon to arrive when it does, as it encourages you to celebrate and sing yourself for all of your power, beauty, and strength. Six months ago, a lunar cycle initiated several questions of potential crisis for you. You are not someone who avoids self-analysis, but it is likely that the past six months have been even more intense in terms of how you process your identity. This Full Moon is a release from that cycle of questioning, and you have arrived, dare I say, you are reborn. The ideas you have at the moment will carry you forward. Remember that there is no one else like you, and that the world needs your perspective more than you might think. 

Mantra: From the underworld I bring cut flowers, my vision is clear, I choose the path forward.

Sagittarius + Sagittarius Rising 

Bold archer, this lunation illuminates a secret, hidden part of your chart. You are so good at expressing your brilliant ideas. You are adept, flexible, curious, and engaged. At this time though, those qualities need to be put aside. Since November you have been asked to consider what more abstract concepts mean to you. What is the role of the spiritual in your life? The esoteric? How do you heal? What are your addictions, and how do they serve you? Do they control you? How are your dreams? There is so much to us that exists in unseen, energetic realms. It is important for you at this time to bring out into the light your new ideas about the soul, its importance, and its role in your life. This is an intense full moon for you, it is spiritual and rather private. Devote some time to just be by yourself this weekend, to connect to the inner voice that comes through dream. 

Mantra: My intuition is accessible and active, it is my tool of awareness and healing.

Capricorn + Capricorn Rising 

Capricorn, you are so adept at cultivating your own world, the one that is driven by your own values, your own visions of the future. At the same time, it is extremely important for you to remember that all the hard work you do is pointless if it doesn’t integrate into the whole. You are not an island, dear seagoat. You are a human organism who needs the company of like-minded souls. This full moon lights up the part of your chart that talks about the relation of the self to the whole, to the collective, and to all things social, progressive. Since November you have been exploring questions around how you fit into your community, and where you even feel you belong. It’s possible that you started out feeling like an outsider at the beginning of this lunar cycle, but now you likely have more insight about where you feel you fit. Use that knowledge to power yourself forward, and release old fear around rejection, misunderstanding, and failure. You are doing your work, the universe sees you. Blend intuition, heart, and brain. Your fellow visionaries are close at hand. 

Mantra: My strength infuses my community with passion, I belong and my ideas bloom. 

Aquarius + Aquarius Rising 

While you’re carrying those heavy water barrels, it is important to look up at the horizon. You are brave, visionary, and gifted with a unique perspective on this world we live in. This is part of your most integral strength. Since November you have been asked to figure out what you actually want your legacy to look like, and it perhaps has been a daunting, or even terrifying, project of coming to terms with your public image. At this point in the lunar cycle, you are able to release those old fears. The place you’ve found yourself in now, with this manifestation of lunar force, suggests that even if you are not exactly in the place you believe you need to be, you are well on your way. The Scorpio Full Moon encourages honesty, integrity, and clarity of purpose that goes beyond the superficial. The world needs your compassion and inventiveness. Regard where you’re at and celebrate yourself. The public path you’re walking opens up when you are honest and act in alignment with yourself. 

Mantra: I blend past and future to cultivate an aligned present, my perspective brings fertility. 

Pisces + Pisces Rising 

Where do you stand in relation to your own intellect, my dear dreamfish? Since November, you have been asked to consider, and reconsider, your attachment to status via the power that comes from institutions of learning, or places of spirituality. November 8th initiated a cycle of growth around your personal philosophy, your mind and how you use it to expand your boundaries, and open up the horizon in front of you. There is so much to learn, consume, understand in the world. This Full Moon asks you to contend with your own intellectual power, to thank it for the gifts it brings you, and to understand that a cycle of learning is now behind you. Let the Full Moon in Scorpio encourage you to integrate the learning that has come through past six months. Are you more attuned to your intellectual needs or strengths? Are you in touch with a spiritual sense of things? What is your worldview, and how has it changed? It is likely that a great deal of struggle has been happening around your ability to understand where you fit in terms of high places of power, like schools, churches, or just faraway, unfamiliar places. The lessons of this lunar cycle aimed to teach you something about your expectations and how they merge with reality.

Mantra: My worth grows stronger the more I learn, my mind and heart know no bounds. 

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