May 24, 2019

Today the Moon is in Aquarius, and our hearts are concerned with what’s best for the group. There are things that we can accomplish on our own, and then there are matters that we require the support and love and energy from others in order to grow, and to find meaning. The Aquarius Moon helps us come to new ideas about how we’re applying ourselves in these community dynamics. Reach out to like minded folks today, and talk about something new.


In the morning the Moon squares Venus, currently in Taurus. There is a tightness here between our sense of harmony and our emotions, as the energy from the Moon does not converse well with Venus at this time. This is a tough day for heart-to-hearts that you’d like to steer in a positive direction. There is an explosive energy here, which is helpful for getting things done, for sure. But the vibe is a bit uncontrollable. Take care of your hearts, and tend to your emotional rhythms as you see fit.