April 8, 2019

While we are sleeping, the Moon strikes a harmonious chord with Pluto, lord of the underworld. This imbues the day with a deep, intense, and focused feeling. Here, we are encouraged to dig into the caverns of our anxieties, our fears, our dreams, and when we find something that should be set free, we do it, like opening the door of a subterranean aviary.

Contacts with Pluto are difficult and dark, if the aspect between Pluto and the other planet is tense. But the energy around this contact today is supportive, shimmering. Energy flows freely here between heart and psyche. We are all in the process of healing, and part of that process has to do with excising what is rancid, unhelpful, stale.

Spend time today thinking of what needs to be banished. And rather than punish yourself for not already having done so, with kindness and generosity, allow yourself to speak freely, honestly, and so be unburdened.

In the afternoon the Moon enters Gemini, attuning us to all manners of communication, community, learning, and the intellect for the next two days.