March 7, 2019

Today the Moon enters Aries, and we start a fresh emotional cycle. We get a small reprieve from the heavy watery feel of the sun, moon, Mercury, and Neptune in PIsces as the moon separates from these other planets.

Moon in Aries talks to us about pursuing emotional paths to individuality. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and represents the energy of curiosity, exploration of the unknown, and a fearless charging toward the horizon. Think of the ram, the symbol of Aries, who rushes horns-first into any kind of conflict. This is a perfect metaphor for the sign, which combines bravery with genuine curiosity, and good natured competitiveness.

For the next few days the Moon in Aries asks us to explore things with fresh eyes. Think of yourself as the ram reborn, after all of that watery reflection the Pisces new moon brought to us. Fill your heart with warmth, with fire, and with abundance. Do it in the name of Aries.

Today, before the Moon enters Aries, she briefly conjuncts Mercury at 29° Pisces. The conjunction between Moon and Mercury usually encourages us to speak from the heart, and to speak passionately, as language (Mercury) and heart (Moon) meet.

With Mercury retrograde, the Moon’s conjunction means that old conversations will be brought up for examination, or old feelings may resurface unexpectedly. Remember that retrograde, while being a bit of a nuisance, is a time to reconnect to lost pieces of the puzzle. If you are being shown something again, trust that perhaps it is worthy of your attention for this moment in time. We’ll need to be patient for the next few weeks, my dears. We’re here together.