March 6th, 2019

Early this morning Uranus finally enters Taurus. Uranus is a slow-moving outer planet, and he has not been in Taurus since 1934. He will stay in this sign for the next seven years, ushering in new conversation around technology, futurity, the earth, art, resources, and health. We are moving away from the relationship we had to tech for the past seven years, when it was used in a very Aries manner, to explore the limits of identity via social media platforms, for example. With Uranus shifting into Taurus, we are asked to pause, to take stock of our use (and abuse) of tech and its impact on our bodies, and on our planet. New blends of art and technology will be seen, as well as new ways of merging tech and resources. I’m personally hoping we can make some leaps in terms of climate change, using our sense of Uranian utopianism to bring environmental devastation to a stop. Check in with me in seven years to see what unfolded.

The moon is new in Pisces today, the last new moon of the astrological year. New moons are always a time to set intentions. The new moon in Pisces asks us to find quiet contemplation around matters pertaining to healing, illness, spirituality, suffering, the collective, dreams, and intuitions. We can all cast our nets out into the collective unconscious tonight, for the sake of connecting with what lies beneath the dark waters of our psyche. I hope this is a peaceful and contemplative new moon for you all.

The sun conjuncts Neptune, bringing a hazy, fantastical vibe to the evening. Beware of getting swept away in reverie, drunkenness, any kind of substance use—the effects will be heightened tonight. If that’s what you’re looking for, the by all means, enjoy. But for those of us trying to keep our feet on the ground, be mindful of the merge between fantasy and reality.

The moon makes contact with Mars, Saturn, AND Pluto today, and in this way we find something solid to lean on, to inspire action, bravery, and striving towards truth. Moon sextile Mars fills us with warmth, as the god of war guides us up and out of our heart spaces, encouraging us to explore our environment and the people in it. Moon sextile Saturn tells us that we are able to translate dream to tangible plan, or at least to solid to-do list. And Moon sextile Pluto sees us engaging in the depths of psyche, and finding it easy to speak truth to power.

If you’re feeling swept away by the cosmic current, you are not alone, sweet reader. There is so much change, so much fog, so much dream. I encourage you to embrace the Piscean nature of things, as there is little alternative. Though it is important to stay grounded, the new moon in Pisces is a beautiful invitation to connect to the unseen. There is potential for growth, for learning, and for rebirth, out of the dream-ether.