March 5, 2019

Today the moon enters Pisces while we are asleep. Be aware of the state of your imagination as you wake. Pisces is the queen of dreams, the unconscious, intuition, and fantasy. Ruled by Neptune, planet of fantasy and delirium, as well as artistic inspiration, madness, and healing, Pisces is a sign that speaks to us about the soul, the state of the collective, and the wisdom that lies in the inversion of logic.

Pisces knows how to play. The influence of Neptune can bring a childlike glimmer to the eye of this sign, which remember, is symbolized by two fish tethered together. One fish swims in the realm of dream, the other swims in the material, or real world. The moon in Pisces is an invitation to drop in to a place of playful intuition. Alice’s wonderland awaits those who remember that there is healing in madness.

At 12:05am the moon forms an energetic sextile to Uranus, planet of sudden change, futurity, and surprise. This brings an electric power to our emotions, and encourages us to feel our way toward something new, something as yet unexperienced. The vibe is a bit unstable though, so take good care, and protect your boundaries if you feel overwhelmed.

At 10:19am Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces at 29°, which is known as the anaretic degree, or the final degree of the sign. Mercury’s trip through Pisces has been a doozy for many of us, as Mercury, the planet of communication, gets his wires crossed in foggy, dreamy Pisces. Mercury’s desire for crisp wit and quick answers is denied by Pisces’s soft, watery way of expressing herself.

Mercury will be retrograde through March 28th, and will retrograde back from 29° to 16°. Events, conversations, connections, pieces of paper, emails, texts, voicemails, travel plans, fights you had with your roommate/partner(s) between February 20th and March 4th will all be potentially revisited.

Mercury retrograde sends ripples of anxiety through the internet, I know, and yes, things can go wrong at this time. But I always like to offer this alternative perspective, and that is that Mercury RX is a time where we are invited to go back and reconnect with things we just lived through. It’s like a little cosmic opportunity to check in with yourself about choices you made, steps you took, places you went, so that you can make sure you are on the proper path for YOU.

Obviously answers do not come easily to us with Mercury RX in Pisces. But with that said, the beauty of this transit is that perhaps in this moment, we can practice not needing all the answers ASAP. Maybe we can learn to get more comfortable in the liminal spaces of mystery, intuition, and stillness. With Mercury leading our minds back through our choices of the past few weeks, we have an opportunity to reconnect, but you don’t have to hit the bullseye. There is power in simply being gracious enough to observe, and to breathe into the weirdness of the moment.

Or maybe this all sounds like torture to you! Hah! I don’t have any answers, my dears, only observations from my ephemeris. I just always like to offer another way to think about these astro events that get a lot of attention, because we are all different, our charts are all different, and there are many ways of being in this life.

Tomorrow we’ll see the new moon in Pisces, and the day after that, Uranus officially enters Taurus for the first time since 1934. She’ll be in Taurus for 7 years. But more on that another day.