March 3, 2019

Today the Moon is in Aquarius, and as such we are encouraged to think through our feelings. Aquarius is an air sign, and while we are all emotional beings of our own nature, air signs have a tendency to intellectualize, or mentally compartmentalize their feelings before those feelings get translated to the heart space. Thus the Moon in Aquarius is an invitation to take a moment to mentally analyze your feelings without completely diving into them (though it is Pisces season, so feelings are unavoidable, I know!).

Aquarius is the water bearer. Imagine pouring your oceanic feelings into a bright brilliant green bowl. Imagine yourself sitting in front of this bowl in contemplation of the emotions caught in that vessel. You might surprise yourself in the process of taking that step between head and heart. Making space for yourself can be as simple as sitting still for just a moment, my dears.

Today we’ll see the Moon square off with Mars. Here, the emotions and action sense come to clash with one another. Will you retreat, or will you be pushed to eruption? You are being asked to rethink the stakes of your arguments, and the values of the life you have created thus far. Tempers will be frustrated today, so do take care to take many deep breaths.

There will be a ton of cosmic activity this week with Mercury stationing retrograde on the 5th, the New Moon on the 6th as well as Uranus’s ingress into Taurus, where she’ll stay for the next seven years. Take this Sunday to connect with yourself as much as possible, your inner monologues, your anxieties, your dreams. Things will be changing soon, so take heart, and remain receptive.