March 17, 2019

Today the Moon is in Leo, and our hearts are warm. Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, and rules over art, performance, self-expression, and artistic fertility. The Moon in Leo encourages us to reach out, to be social, to connect with people close to our hearts, and to find joy in the act of telling it like it is. With all of the Piscean, Neptunian, retrograde energy floating around us at this time, we can use this lunar expression as a way of finding heat, force, and passion to carry us forward.

Today the retrograde Mercury makes contact with Mars, forming a sextile angle to the planet of war at 8:23pm. Sparks fly. The planet of language and communication strikes a bold, brave conversation with the planet of war and conquest. This aspect is here to lend support to those of us who feel like we’re cast adrift lately, and brings focus to our ability to turn our words into focused action. Of course, Mercury’s retrograde motion complicates this a bit, and there is a chance that we’ll find ourselves speaking boldly but with the need to re-state or correct our words, as retrograde Mercury encourages misconception.