March 14, 2019

How are you all feeling about those intentions you set around the new moon in Pisces last week? We’re at the waxing quarter moon, and it’s time to check in with that sense of growth. Ask yourself what you’ve done to bring your new moon dreams to fruition.

In the small hours the Moon in Gemini opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius, calling in a sense of emotional optimism and cheer, as well as a tendency to expand, slightly overdoing it in the realm of feelings. I want you to feel positive and empowered, my dears, but if you feel yourself veering into strange territory, remember that this influence is passing. It can be a little stressful if we wind up forgetting ourselves.

Soonafter, Mars, planet of sexual aggression and action, and Saturn, planet of self-mastery, form a harmonious trine angle with one another. if there was ever a day to find power and energy to prevail, this is one of the best moments for it. With Mars and Saturn supporting one another, our sense of bravery is wedded to our sense of responsibility, a surefire combination to find your stride and cover some new ground.

The moon squares off with the sun and Mercury, both in Pisces. Mercury retrograde squaring the moon brings confusion and miscommunication to our emotional selves, and the moon square the sun makes it so that there is an even greater tension between head and heart. Mind your boundaries, and be kind to yourselves, ok?

In the afternoon, the moon sextiles Uranus, bringing surprises and electric shocks to our emotional narratives. New information may come to light, or else a new emotional perspective is possible. Uranus is inventive, and suggests new ways forward in this energized sextile angle to the moon.

In the evening, the sun meets up with Mercury in his retrograde path, which might find us talking a lot but not making too much sense. Old conversations, thoughts, insecurities may come up for reevaluation. Breathe into it, friends. Sometimes there is richness in confusion.