March 13, 2019

A sparkling note is struck today between the sun, luminary of the ego, or the will, and Pluto, planet of revolution, transformation, and obsession. The sextile angle formed between the Sun in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn makes this a powerful day for finding regenerative energy for yourself. We have been floating through a strange void, with Pisces season making us merge emotionally, and Mercury retrograde having us in an echo chamber of missed information, or redundant experiences. Today’s sun sextile Pluto is an opportunity to find yourself on fertile, transformative ground, and to remind yourself to keep digging into work that speaks to you on a soul level, for there is nothing superficial about Pluto, lord of the underworld.

The moon trines Venus today, making this a beautiful day for art practices of all kinds, as well as for connecting with people who love and support you, as harmonious Venus’s beauty is amplified by her trine to the emotional moon.

The moon later squares off with Neptune, bringing confusion, illusion, and fog to our feelings. Sometimes there is something to uncover in the fog, but sometimes there are only mirages. Remember that not all that passes through your chest this afternoon is permanent, and do your best to stay focused. If anything, channel this energy into painting, poetry, song, photography, dance, anything performative, as Neptune loves the stage.

In the evening, the sun squares off with Jupiter, and we may feel restricted in terms of our future plans and mobility. Sun square Jupiter brings tension between the ego and our sense of expansion. We may handle this energy by becoming overly confident, overly ambitious, biting off more than we can chew. Or we may feel like there is no point in proceeding on our path. In both cases, you must return yourself to a place of moderation, my dears. It is easy to get off track now.