February 24, 2019

Today the Moon trine Neptune, planet of fantasy, madness, healing, and dream. We’ll feel supported in our efforts to move from the heart, to create beauty in our worlds. With this aspect, our cup overflows with compassion. By blending kindness and intuition, we find ourselves in a place of comfort.

In the afternoon the Moon sextiles Saturn, energizing us to do the work we are most called to do. Often Saturn makes us bend beneath his weight, like small flowers in strong wind. Today however, he empowers us, tilts our chins up, and helps us focus on the path ahead. Make confident strides towards self-mastery today. Move with purpose. Saturn supports you.

In the evening the Moon connects in a similar manner to Pluto, forming a sextile angle at 11:17pm. This imbues the evening with intensity and focus, as well as a heavy psychological curiosity. Long-buried information, observation, comes to the surface. This is an aspect of invigoration, release. Though falling asleep this Sunday night might be a little difficult, we are coming to terms with important concepts of self, of love, and of power.