February 23, 2019

This morning the Moon enters Scorpio, and for the rest of the weekend we are concerned with the shadows of psyche. Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto, the gods of war and the underworld. Scorpio is a sign that is interested primarily in truth. This earns the sign a reputation for intensity, a penetrative gaze, even a temper. This is all carried forth in the name of their commitment to authenticity, integrity, and genuine experience. The superficial is exiled from the realm of Scorpio. Keep this mindset with you as you move through your weekend, my dears. Don’t accept anything less than your worth, and hold fast to the promise of truth.

In the morning the Moon opposes Uranus, bringing lightingbolts of surprise and disconnect to our heart spaces. Moon opposite Uranus makes it so that the planet of sudden change puts pressure on our emotions. If you find yourself questioning why things are the way they are, let yourself explore that emotional path. There might be some alternative avenue to the future you haven’t yet explored.

Mercury then forms an energetic sextile to Pluto, and we are emboldened in our search for what lies in our own personal depths. Words from the deepest reaches of your mind may come up and out today. A powerful day for speaking your truth, and for speaking in the name of radical change, as Pluto marshals a revolutionary spirit.

In the afternoon the Moon trines the Sun, and we receive support. Our feelings connect with our intellect, mind intelligence to body intelligence, as they say. I hope you glow with your own strength.

In the evening the Moon opposes Mars. We’ll feel a little nervous, a little impulsive, a little hot under the collar. I hope you can find ways to translate this passion into embodied action, but if you find yourself lashing out, do try to remember that this will soon pass. Words spoken now will wound, as Mars is always equipped with his spear. Choose yours carefully.