February 22, 2019

The heavens are activated today my dears, with some important aspects struck that seek to draw us to deeper understanding of ourselves and our relation to our visions of the future.

In the morning the Moon squares off with Saturn, and we might rise from slumber feeling blocked, unsure if the steps we’ve recently taken are the right ones. If you have been putting one foot in front of another, please do not doubt yourself, my dear. Saturn means to bring us to a place of self-mastery, but in this aspect, he is like a disapproving parent, and brings pressure to our feelings. Gather your wits, remind yourself that you are moving from a place of alignment, and keep moving.

At 12:40pm Mercury squares Jupiter, which can make us feel larger than life. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and in conversation with Mercury, the planet of language, we may find ourselves talking a big game today. I want you to feel assured in your daydreaming, but don’t forget the details. What’s just over that faraway mountain is as important as the stones you must climb before you reach the summit.

The Moon then forms an activated sextile to Jupiter, and this is another moment of energetic expansion, optimism, growth. Our feelings grow large, illuminated by Jupiter’s fertile light. We can use this as momentum if we are in the process of making plans for the future. Trust your dreams of growth, and take steps toward the life you most want.

In the evening Venus and Pluto meet in Capricorn, and this conjunction pulls us into deep and powerful moods and conversations. Venus is our planet of love, harmony, values, and Pluto is the lord of the underworld. He brings depth, revolution, transformation. With these two planets meeting up, we are encouraged to think deeply and seriously about the values we hold important. What is your agenda? Do you long for power? Do you seek higher ground? Are you honest with yourself about your place in the world? What can you do, my dear, to live from a place of centered truth, rather than living out someone else’s version of success, happiness, health?

Venus conjunct Pluto is love in the underworld. These planets are both in Capricorn now, and so this conjunction takes on an earthy feel. Capricorn is the sea-goat who combines intuition with embodied experience. Go deep, go dark, there is room for you in the places you most want to connect with. Eschew superficiality in all its forms, and find yourself breaking free.

The Moon squares the Venus/Pluto conjunction, putting extra pressure on this aspect. We’ll all be feeling intense, brooding, even a little demanding. Get lost in deep conversation with someone who shares your vision of the world. We are being asked to start building our vision of the future. Whether or not that includes dreams of utopia, we must start by truly, honestly engaging with one another and ourselves.