February 20, 2019

The conjunction of Mercury and Neptune on Feb 18th dragged up some confusing material from the depths, as Neptune is the foggy planet of fantasy and bewilderment, and Mercury is the communicator. We’re moving away from this aspect now, but it’s best to remember that Mercury and Neptune will make contact again while Mercury is retrograde in couple of weeks.

Hopefully yesterday’s Full Moon in Virgo put you on a proper path to release of unhealthy energies, my dears. We have one more day of Moon in Virgo energy, so keep working with these Full Moon vibes while we can.

Today we’ll see the Moon oppose Neptune, drawing us into a net of confusion and emotional turmoil. Foggy Neptune casts a haze over the luminary of emotions, so move with focus today.

Soonafter the Moon trines Saturn, and we are supported in our desires to move forward. Saturn requests that we make a plan, one that makes use of diligence and discipline. Small steps are key for us right now, so keep putting one foot in front of the other, OK? <3

In the afternoon we’ll see the Moon trine Venus, and our emotions are harmonized, even if just for a moment. Trines are stabilizing angles, and this aspect strikes a supportive conversation between the luminary of emotions and our sense of love and values. This is a lovely moment to reach out to someone important, or to connect with your own self, lovingly.

At 3:41pm the Moon squares Jupiter, planet of expansion and excess. This troubles us, and we may feel a bit trapped, like we can’t see what’s coming around the bend. The only thing we can do in this moment is work with that earlier supportive Moon trine Saturn energy. Make plans, make a to-do list, and don’t focus on what you cannot control.

In the evening the Moon trines Pluto, amplifying what lies hidden beneath the surface. We’ll be interested in all things psychological and obscure. If you’re looking for new information, it might come out at this point, as Pluto and the Moon support one another, and kick off the evening in the name of depth.