February 17th, 2019

Today the Moon enters Leo, and our hearts expand. Leo is the fixed fire sign symbolized by the lion. Themes of family, loyalty, and emotional connectivity abound here with the Moon in Leo. Remember that the fire lion is the artist of self-expression. No opinion is held back, few thoughts left unspoken. For the next few days, cultivate a connection to your own methods of expression. Leo rules the heart. Connect to what you love. 

In the small hours Venus forms an energized sextile to Neptune, casting the day in a sensitive, artistic glow. Venus is the planet of love and values, and Neptune is intuitive, imaginative. We’ll be extra sensitive and concerned with matters of beauty, and will find new ways to playfully connect with one another. 

The Moon squares off with Uranus and from this aspect we see flashes of lightning around our emotional foundation. Uranus brings instability to the luminary of emotions, and we may feel anxious about what lies ahead. 

Tempers will flare today, as the Moon squares Mars after she squares Uranus. Mars is the planet of war, action, conquest. This aspect raises the temperature, makes us impatient, and lowers our threshold for bullshit. If you find yourself going off on someone, make sure it is purposeful, and not uncontrolled. 

In the evening the Sun forms a sextile to Uranus, and we receive a flash of uplifting inspiration and intuitive power. Uranus can bring sudden change and shock, but is also a powerful agent of futurity. Uranus is genius, inventive, and inspires things to see things differently. Whatever comes to you before bed, make sure you write it down. You may find yourself happening upon your next great idea.