February 16th, 2019

Today the Moon is in Cancer, and here she is at home. The Moon rules over Cancer, and as she moves through the sign we can imagine the luminary taking up residence in a palace of water, mirrors, and emotionality. Today is a gorgeous day to dig in to all things related to your feelings, to feel them completely, in both body and heart. Engage with love, engage with pain, and do not fear the result.

Today the Moon opposes Venus, currently in Capricorn. We may feel needier than usual, especially since the Moon is in Cancer. Make sure you remember that you are complete on your own, as you are. This aspect makes us feel like we need someone else to complete us, and that just opens the floodgates to people who don’t quite deserve our time and energy. Protect yourselves, my darlings.

The Moon then trines Neptune, planet of dream, fog, and fantasy. This is a lovely day for connecting with an art practice, or getting out to see something beautiful in nature. This is a spiritual aspect, one that amplifies our intuition and our empathy as well.

When the Moon opposes Saturn, we may feel a tightness in our chests. Saturn is a heavy planet, concerned with work, diligence, and self-mastery. When he puts pressure on the Moon, our emotions too will feel heavy. Remember that this energy is cyclic, and that it will eventually pass. Use this time to connect with yourself, ask yourself what you hold dear and why, and remember all the things that lift you up and fulfill you. You are not your lowest lows.

In the evening the Moon opposes Pluto, planet of the underworld, obsession, and revolution. This contact between the Moon and Pluto brings drama and intensity to our emotions, and this is a moment where you might feel a little off balance. Try your best to engage with what you’re feeling, as this is the best way to prevent it from overpowering you.