February 14th, 2019

What would St. Valentine’s Day be without an invitation to connect to the body? Today at 2:51am, Mars enters Taurus, and the planet of sex, aggression, and conquest finds himself in an extremely earthy realm. Taurus is ruled by Venus. This springtime bull is all about taking her time, and living fully in the physical realm. Mars will be in Taurus until March 31, and in this period of time we will find more slow and deliberate ways of expressing our passions, our tempers, and our more clandestine urges.

This morning, the Moon squares off with Neptune, and we may awaken to a feeling of confusion or internalized discomfort. Did you have a strange dream? Did you forget something in the underworld? Keep in mind that all you see and hear today may not be entirely correct. Hold forth for clarity, today it is obscured.

In the afternoon the Moon opposes Jupiter, which will make us feel optimistic but may make us act rashly. Jupiter in opposition to the Moon turns the volume up on our feelings and then breaks the “off” switch. You may find yourself oversharing, or tempted to let people in who might not totally deserve your energy.

At night, we’ll see the Moon trine the Sun. With the Moon in Gemini supporting the Sun in Aquarius, our minds and hearts will be sharp, focused, and inspired. A great night for stimulating, quirky conversation with friends and loved ones.