February 12th, 2019

Today in the small hours, the Moon trines Saturn, planet of self-mastery, boundaries, and diligence. From this transit, we find energy that can carry us forward in our plans, and we are encouraged to spend time thinking strategically about how to make our dreams reality.

A few hours later the Sun trines Pluto, which will make us feel focused, a little obsessive, and very focused on the truth and anything related. Pluto is the planet that in his search for depth, for total immersion - he is the lord of the underworld, after all. With this harmonious and supportive aspect from the Sun, the luminary of the ego, and Pluto, planet of transformation, we’ll be looking for ways to overthrow old systems, old beliefs, old ways of being.

In the afternoon we’ll see the Moon square the Sun, bringing some tension to the delicate balance between head and heart. Feelings will be expressed from a place of ego rather than one of clarity or empathy. Be mindful of your words. If your chest feels tight, remember to breathe.

In the evening we’ll see Mars connect with Uranus, and this if there was ever a moment of action, change, or surprise, this would certainly be it. Mars is the planet of war, conquest, aggression. Uranus is the planet of futurity, utopia, bolts of lightning, sudden shock. When these planets connect in fiery Aries, sparks are sure to fly.

Here we find a collision of change agents. Tempers will flare, words will feel electrified. Things not firmly rooted into the earth will find a hard time surviving this transit. Uranus brings cyclic shift, and will be heated up by Mars today. Important to note, also, that they soon connect at the 29th degree, as both planets prepare to leave Aries and enter Taurus.

This indicates that the planets are both preparing to transition from one archetypal expression to another. When this happens, oftentimes endings are brought about, or at least loose ends that we were waiting to sort of mend will find their natural final iteration. This is most certainly a moment of letting go of ideas we have around conflict and aggression that do not serve their highest purpose, ones that isolate us or rely too much on ego.