April 19, 2019

This morning at 4:12am the moon was full in the sign Libra. This was the second full moon in Libra of Aries season, and with this double dose of Libran energy, we are being called to cultivate more just connections to our partners, our friends, ourselves, and the world at large. Libra symbolizes balance, yes, but she also talks about Justice, a concept that these days seems to elude us way too often. We can change the current, but this needs to come from within. Get right with yourself, lovingly, by adjusting your attitude toward your sense of justice. From the interpersonal, we can heal the collective.


You can read more about this full moon over at @thehouseoftwigs website, where my latest column is now live.


The full moon strikes at 4:12am and soonafter, at 5:40am she enters Scorpio, where she strikes a sparkling opposition to Uranus, currently in Taurus. For this reason, it is best to do your manifestation and release work tonight, as the moon approaches her fullness while we are all (hopefully) sleeping. With the moon opposite Uranus, the 19th will be a day where we are surprised by the comings and goings of our emotional state. Uranus is the planet of shock, innovation, and sudden change. Like lightning, this planet’s energy strikes at a moment’s notice, often bringing a bit of discomfort with him. But leaning in to his chaos can oftentimes reward us with a shift in perspective, a new way of seeing.

April 12, 2019

Today’s first quarter Moon in Cancer asks us to check in on our emotional intentions we set around the New Moon in Aries last week. Find a moment to connect with yourself today in this capacity, as a way of tracking your state of mind through the Moon’s cycle.

Today the Moon connects harmoniously with Neptune and Venus, both of which are conjunct in Pisces. The sensual, fantastical vibe of that conjunction is therefore amplified today. A perfect day for art, in my opinion :)

Venus strikes an energized sextile to Saturn, planet of self-mastery, and we are able to find new and creative ways to translate our long term goals into intentional action.

The Moon opposes Pluto and Saturn today though, bringing to light control issues, feelings of loneliness, rejection, frustration. There is a distance in this transit between our needs and what we perceive about our reality. Feelings of lack, disappointment, and sadness are liable to pop up, so take good care.

A trine between the Moon and Mercury empowers us to speak our minds, and to find support for our concerns. Direct and slow communication is our best bet for feeling better today. Stay focused, and believe in the power of talking things out.

April 10, 2019

An activated day stretches before us, my friends, as we arrive here on this Wednesday. In the small hours, the Sun squares off with Saturn, planet of self-mastery and restriction. This brings pressure to our ego senses at this time, as Saturn bears down on our self-image. There is a tendency here to feel anxious, worried, or like we’re not quite doing enough to advance our causes, or reach our goals. Rather than cave to this pressure (which is very real), find ways to fine-tune your plan. Saturn restricts us and then we are forced to work within a fresh boundary. It pushes us to grow from within, and even though it smarts, it’s worth the effort.

At 3:06am the Moon and Sun spark one another in the pre-dawn light, imbuing the day with a sense of fertility between head and heart. Soonafter, the Moon squares off with Mercury, making the feeling when we awake one of tightness around communication. We might be tempted to blurt out information that we otherwise should guard closely. If you feel like a direct conversation will be productive, pursue it. Otherwise, move with caution in communication with others.

At 10am Jupiter stations retrograde. This is an annual occurrence. Much longer than our infamous Mercury retrograde which typically lasts a few weeks, Jupiter will be retrograde from today, April 10, through August 10, 2019. I will devote a longer post to this event later today, I hope, but for now, we can understand this event as a turning inwards around the themes of expansion, fertility, and abundance. Jupiter retrograde is a time where we look to our sense of values, our sense of growth, and ask ourselves where we can hem things in a bit. Where we can cut some excess loose, refine our vision, redefine our terms. This will help us find alignment with our path toward wholeness.

The Moon opposes Jupiter soonafter, and here our hearts expand. Find ways to connect with people who you admire, and invite them into your orbit for inspiration.

In the afternoon Mercury engages Pluto, spurring us to have intense and deep conversations with those in our midst. Important information will be brought up from the depths today. Here we see that the intellect meets the intuition in an empowered, activated way. Trust the thoughts that come from within, and find new ways of connecting in a purposeful manner. This can bring about great change today.

At 11:49pm the Moon meets Uranus, and our imaginations receive a jolt of energy. Keep a tab on those dreams tonight, my darlings, this planetary connection is intuitive, inventive, and strange.

April 9, 2019

This morning the Moon, luminary of emotions, connects with Mars, planet of war and aggression, in intellectual Gemini. Combative words and ideas abound, striking us in the center of the heart. Be mindful of what you say, as our words are armed with extra blade today.

In the evening, the Moon squares off with Venus and Neptune, which sit together in dreamy Pisces. There is pressure here. Venus conjunct Neptune is magickal, ethereal, artistic, and intuitive. The Moon’s difficult aspect here builds some tension and anxiety, especially in the social, emotional, and intuitive realm.

We can perhaps be saved by the lush connection between Venus and Neptune, which comes at 11:14pm. A gorgeous, luminous evening for connectivity, for love, for music, and dream. Poetry emanates here like few other aspects, as the planet of love, material pleasure, glamour, and art (Venus), connects with the planet of intuition, healing, and shadow. I hope you find ways to feel connected to the otherworldly tonight, and that this provides some relief to the precarious nature of the day’s earlier astrology.

April 8, 2019

While we are sleeping, the Moon strikes a harmonious chord with Pluto, lord of the underworld. This imbues the day with a deep, intense, and focused feeling. Here, we are encouraged to dig into the caverns of our anxieties, our fears, our dreams, and when we find something that should be set free, we do it, like opening the door of a subterranean aviary.

Contacts with Pluto are difficult and dark, if the aspect between Pluto and the other planet is tense. But the energy around this contact today is supportive, shimmering. Energy flows freely here between heart and psyche. We are all in the process of healing, and part of that process has to do with excising what is rancid, unhelpful, stale.

Spend time today thinking of what needs to be banished. And rather than punish yourself for not already having done so, with kindness and generosity, allow yourself to speak freely, honestly, and so be unburdened.

In the afternoon the Moon enters Gemini, attuning us to all manners of communication, community, learning, and the intellect for the next two days.

April 6, 2019

This morning the Moon entered Taurus, and for the next two days our sensibilities are attuned to matters of the body, the senses, and our approach to values.

All this energy is cyclic my friends. The Aries new moon is encouraging us to begin from the beginning, to really connect with our most honest selves. Now that we have had the chance to get clear with ourselves about our new moon vision, it is time to start clarifying things a bit. Getting into the specifics of our plan. The Moon in Taurus is the perfect iteration of this, the next logical step after the Moon in Aries asked us to start fresh.

Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus, goddess of passion, aesthetics, and the senses. She prizes possessions as well as experience. She urges us to connect with what is nourishing, fulfilling, and stable.

We can use this energy today to continue our experiment of imagining a future, as the Moon connected with Uranus at 9:09am. Uranus, planet of imagination, sudden change, futurity, technology, is bolstered by the Moon today, marrying our emotional senses to our ability to tap in to an inventive, creative, and inspired perspective.

April 4, 2019

After what felt like way too long, the Moon finally entered Aries last night at 7:56pm. Joining the Sun and Chiron in Aries, we’re starting to feel a little warmer. A little bolder. As the first sign of the zodiac symbolized by the ram, Aries is the beginner who rushes forward toward the future.

With the Moon in Aries for the next two days, our hearts are lit by cosmic kindling, and we are able to proceed on a fresh cycle. Finding new ways to conceptualize your relationship to your willpower, your identity, will be a beneficial use of this window of time.

We’re also moving closer to the New Moon in Aries, which arrives on Friday. Fresh approaches to yourself as an individual entity are on the way. Spend time today getting in touch with your sense of bravery, your sense of optimism, and your inner fire.

In the small hours the Moon forms an energized sextile to Mars in Gemini. This is yet another planetary energy that encourages us to move from a place of bravery. We can feel optimistic, enthusiastic, and strong today. I hope you wrap yourselves in this feeling my dears. Mars’s garments are red and gold, and so are you.

April 3, 2019

Let’s just be real and call the past two days what they were — emotionally soggy. Laden with excess water from Neptune, Mercury and the Moon in Pisces, our waking feelings were indistinguishable from our dreams, and our communicative wires got flooded with all kinds of confusion and nonsense.

While this aspect is now separating, we get a boost of energetic force from the Moon in Pisces sextile Pluto today. Here we are able to feel renewed, supported in clearing out the energetic muck from the corners of our hearts. Take time to get rid of things, ideas, habits, inner monologues that are regressive. It is time to move forward, and Pluto is here to be our engine. There is an intensity of feeling that comes along with this aspect, as Pluto is the god of hidden things, traumas, fictions of the self. Find ways of gracefully banishing things that have come to weigh you down, it is possible now to do so.

The Moon squares Jupiter today, and we are encouraged to see one another through a positive lens. Have warmth and openness for the people you meet or spend time with. The vibe is sweet and jovial, and we could all use a break! Find a way to treat yourself well today :)

The moon is void-of-course for most of the day, making things a little more gentle, and giving us an opportunity to reflect on the emotions of the past couple days. At 7:56pm the Moon enters Aries, bringing heat, action, and the expression of individualistic willpower to the table for the next few days. At this point, I’ll take all the Aries energy I can get!

April 2, 2019

The apex of merge, of confusion, of communicative haze, makes itself felt today, as Mercury rests conjunct Neptune, both of which are conjuncted by the Moon, all in the sign Pisces. This is our third experience of Mercury/Neptune contact, the first of which occurred on February 18th, with Mercury meeting Neptune direct. The second contact was on March 24th, when Mercury slid back to meet Neptune during this most recent retrograde. Now the third and final pass at this blending of intellect (Mercury) and fantasy (Neptune) crests like a wave and breaks over us.

This is noteable for many reasons, but the most pertinent reason is that this is not an easy planetary aspect. Mercury is the god of language, learning, and inspired thought, amongst other things. He moves quickly, and though he enjoys clever puns and ridiculous matches of wit, there is a desire here to communicate information so that we can learn and grow.

Neptune is the planet of the 12th House, where he presides over the sign Pisces. Neptune invokes the collective, the unconscious, healing, madness, trauma, escape, addition, inspiration, and intuition. Together, the planets form a sort of binary, as Mercury rules over Virgo, and Neptune rules Pisces. These signs are astrological opposites, and seek to strike balance between the mundane (Virgo) and the divine (Pisces), the earthy root and the ephemeral tide. Both signs are concerned with healing, are humanitarian and compassionate, but their approaches to wholeness are divergent, in a sense.

All this is to say that the conjunction of Neptune and Mercury is no minor deal, especially since this is now a repetitive aspect struck between the two planets. Think back to conversations, struggles, confusion that arose around March 22nd-23rd to find more information about what is coming up again for you. This is the material you are asked to integrate post-retrograde. Make space for this new insight, breathe into it.

Retrograde is over, but Mercury is still in his shadow phase, and will pass through this subsequent haze through April 16th, when he (FINALLY) enters Aries. Till then, keep yourself on guard for more confusion, but keep in mind that transformation may be part and parcel of this weird state of affairs.

As though the planets know we are all desperate for a life-raft at this point, the Moon strikes an energized sextile to Saturn tonight around midnight. Saturn is the planet of self-mastery, time, restriction. With the Moon contacting this planet, we are encouraged to find new pathways toward pursuit of maturity, of wholeness. Remember that we’re engaged in a long-term dance. With the universe, with the planets, with our friends and lovers, with ourselves, our karmic pathways, traces of soul. It’s all here, and the truth is that we need to learn to work within restriction, work within our boundaries, as Saturn insists. This leads to long term growth.

April 1, 2019

Today the Moon is in Pisces, and for the next two days, we are caught up in a haze of empathy. The Moon in Pisces makes us intuitive, sensitive, and attuned to others pain. Make space for yourself and others today, make room for new healing in your heart as well.

At 9:44am the Moon squares off with Mars, planet of war, forcing us to confront some tense emotional territory. Expect flareups around communication, as Mars is now in Gemini. Dualistic thinking and intellectual instability may be prominent today, so take good care.

At 10:29am the Moon connects with Uranus in a robust and energetic sextile, and we are able to power through frustrating roadblocks. Use Uranus’s visionary energy to remind yourself that you can find creative solutions to your challenges.

In the evening, the Moon rests gently conjunct Venus, planet of love, money, harmony, and good taste. This is a gorgeous aspect for spending time with people who warm your heart, so be sure to seek out dear friends. If you’re not feeling social, take the time to be kind and nurturing to yourself tonight. Engage in meditation, art practices of all kinds, or simply daydream.

March 31, 2019

The Moon is in Aquarius today, attuning our emotions to conversations around the future. Aquarius is idea-oriented, inventive, and curious in the progress of the group. Use this energy today to find new routes to your own personal future. Spending time with like-minded people today brings peace.

In the evening, the Moon sextiles Jupiter, planet of fertility and expansion. This is a fertile and optimistic aspect, and allows us to feel like we are on the path to growth.

Right after this aspect is struck between the Moon and Jupiter, the Moon goes void of course, meaning she is drifting from one sign to another, and isn’t quite under the purview of any sign in particular. When the Moon is void, we can and should make time to relax, and to be gentle with ourselves. We don’t need to put pressure on ourselves tonight to get anything in particular done. Let yourself coast a bit. Monday morning the Moon enters Pisces, but for now, let yourself just be.

March 29, 2019

Early this morning the Moon in Capricorn catches up with Pluto, making this a day of potential eruptions and truths that rise to the surface. Pluto is the planet of obsession, revolution, and power struggle. With the Moon, the luminary of emotions, sharing space with this tenacious planet, unspoken feelings come up for evaluation. Our dreams may be extra intense the morning prior, so if you wake feeling yourself in a serious mood, this could indeed be the reason why. Let your honesty percolate fresh ways of speaking truth to power today.

In the evening, the Moon trines Mars, planet of action, and so we are filled with bravery, heat, and energy. We’ll be focused on challenging the status quo, but do so in a confident manner, as the trine between the Moon and Mars is harmonious in nature.

At 6:46pm the Moon enters Aquarius, the sign that blends tradition with futurity. For the next few days our hearts will be attuned to matters of social progress, visions of utopia, and connecting with like-minded people far and near. Let yourself get caught up in imagining what’s next, and put your heart in your plans for the future.

At 9:10pm the Moon squares off with Uranus, planet of invention. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (and Saturn, traditionally), and this aspect is thus enriched in terms of its expression. Moon square Uranus brings shocks to the heart center, and like the earlier conjunction between the Moon and Pluto, we are here encouraged to destroy old ways of being. Do be careful with yourself, this aspect is a bit destabilizing.

March 28, 2019

Not a moment too soon, Mercury stations direct today. At last. While it’s true that there is no reason to fear or fret over Mercury retrograde, as this event is an opportunity for us to connect to things that were perhaps forgotten, untended to, or left behind, not all retrogrades express in the same way.

With Mercury stationed retrograde, we knew that communication and perception would be a bit skewed. With Mercury stationed retrograde in Pisces, the particular flavor of this retrograde was Neptunian, dreamy, and ridiculously removed from the trappings of reality.

Pisces is a mutable water sign, ruled by Neptune, planet of fantasy, dream, inspiration, intuition, madness, illness, and healing. It is the sign of the collective, and the energy that coalesces in the collective unconscious is anything but rational.

If things for the past few weeks have been wild for you, or confusing or dramatic, you are not alone. Pisces brings up themes of injury and subsequent healing, of confusion and subsequent clarity. Everything from bodily discomfort to emotional ache was on the table, and let me tell u, this astrologer ~felt it.

Mercury stations direct today, ending his retrograde phase, and over the next few days, the planet will slowly gain momentum again and begin to move forward, taking us along with it, thank goddess. We’ll still be in the shadow period through April 16th, so mind your boundaries, but for the most part, we should be able to stride forward again together.

Today in the afternoon the Moon forms a sextile to Mercury and Neptune, giving us the opportunity to feel activated in mind and heart, and inviting us to begin integrating the lessons of this retrograde season.

In the evening, at 10pm, the Moon catches up with Saturn in Capricorn. Here we are given an opportunity to focus or home in on our long-term goals. Check in with yourself about the progress you are making, and what else can be done to push you further down the path. Saturn is a heavy planet, and symbolizes self-mastery, restriction, and time. Here we are given the opportunity to work within and understand our limitations. Doing so reminds us that we are actually possessed of many of the resources we’re looking for outside of ourselves. Make a to-to list tonight, get focused, and take small steps to attaining these dreams. Saturn rewards diligence.

March 26, 2019

This morning at 5:01am the Moon squares off with Mercury, which is in his final degree of retrograde. Old conversations, old feelings, old dreams, fears, and old confusion may be on the table today, unfortunately, as this meeting between the Moon and Mercury affords us one last opportunity to get our wires crossed.

We’re still swimming through the Mercury/Neptune conjunction, which brings a sense of a lack of boundaries in emotional matters and how we express ourselves. The Moon squares Neptune at 6:08am and we may wake unable to shake off dreams from the night before. Our perception will be a bit off today, so take everything you feel with a grain of salt.

In the afternoon, the planet of love, resources, aesthetics, and sensual experience (Venus!) leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces, where she will remain through April 20th. With Venus in Aquarius, we were able to push the intellectual boundaries of love, of our relationship to money. Aquarius encourages us to break free of old ways of being, so Venus in Aquarius could have expressed itself as a sharp rebuke to old patterns in the way you use your money as well as how you engage in partnerships.

Venus’s trip through Pisces will be very different, as Pisces is the sign of healing, merging, depth of emotionality, and fantasy. Venus is exalted in Pisces, so her energy flows easily here, a welcome thing indeed.

Venus in Pisces is lush, emotional, intuitive, psychic, and fluid. With the planet of love and aesthetics in the sign of integration, disintegration, healing, and dreams, we’ll find new ways to connect in love, especially if those connections are empathetic, artistic, and intuitive. Not a lot of logic emanates here, but I believe this is just what we need to begin to process the lessons of this really difficult Mercury retrograde, which ends on the 28th.

In the evening, the Moon meets up with Jupiter and this hang sesh between the luminary of emotions and the planet of expansion brings us a shake or two of good luck, optimism, and generosity. We’ll be warm with our friends, and remember to be kind to yourself as well. The past few days have been nothing short of confusing, and we all need a little lift. Jupiter is just what we need.

March 25, 2019

Today the Moon in Sagittarius connects harmoniously with the Sun in Aries. These two luminaries in fire sign placements make this Monday a day of empowered action and warmth. Trines are harmonious angles, and with the Sun and Moon connecting in this fashion, there is an easy flow of energy from ego to heart and back again.

The Sun is still conjunct Chiron in Aries, so if you’ve been feeling a bit raw, this could be the reason. Chiron is our asteroid of karmic pain and healing, and as the Sun gently holds it in his light, we are called to recognize the ways in which we are engaged in the process of our own healing.

March 24, 2019

While we’re sleeping, or out and about around midnight, the Moon trines Mercury retrograde. Harmonious feelings are trying to flow from our communicative selves, but the final dregs of this retrograde energy makes this difficult. Try not to get too caught up in the details today, my dears.

At 4:25am the Moon connects with Saturn, planet of self-mastery. Today we find new ways to approach to our sense of purpose. If you’ve been struggling in this retrograde energy (as sooo many of us have!) this is like a cosmic life raft.

Mercury conjuncts Neptune at 10:26am, and our communicative sense (Mercury) is bathed in fantasy (Neptune). Another reminder that today is not a day to get fixated on the exactness of our feelings. Rather than articulate things in a “means to an end” kind of way, it is advised to get lost in the process of exploring your emotional reactions and needs. With Mercury retrograde conjunct Neptune, the only thing we can expect is echoes of intuition.

Soonafter, the Moon forms an energetic angle to Pluto, encouraging us to dig deep into our darkness and pull out what needs airing. We will be speaking truth to power today, and should feel empowered in this pursuit.

In the afternoon the Moon opposes Mars, making us jumpy, bossy, and impatient, as the planet of war and conquest bears down on our sensitive emotional luminary.

In the evening, the Moon squares Venus, another aspect that seeks to bring tension or pressure to our romantic relationships as well as our feelings around money or resources. This is a good opportunity to think before speaking/acting, and to find new and creative ways to deal with stress around love and money.

The Moon enters Sagittarius this evening at 11:06pm and so for the next two days we have an opportunity to first and foremost find ways to integrate the dark matter that was exhumed by the Moon in Scorpio, and secondly, we are encouraged to expand the edges of our heart and minds, as Sagittarius loves to loose arrows into unknown realms. The point is not to hit a particular target, but to lose yourself in the process of aiming at something remote, unknown, and distant.

March 23, 2019

Today the Moon is in Scorpio. With the luminary of emotions in the sign of depth and psyche, our feelings too are attuned to what’s hidden. Here we are encouraged to let go of false attachments, fictions of the self. Scorpio is the sign that reminds us that illusions of wholeness are often just that - illusions. What’s required of us in this lifetime is to continually grow, break, and mend. Finding ways to engage the forms that exist in the realm of the unconscious will show us truer, richer ways of existing, both as individuals and as members of the collective.

Scorpio is attuned to truth, regardless of the consequences of engaging it. This is one of my favorite lessons of this sign. And though it can be destabilizing, there is so much to be gained by turning inward. We all have darkness beneath the exterior. Remember that in ancient Greek, “Pluto” means “riches.”

Today the Moon is trine Neptune, which is sitting in Pisces. Yesterday’s conjunction between the Sun and Chiron may have left us feeling really raw, exposed, unsure. Chiron is the asteroid of karmic pain and subsequent healing. From the conjunction between the Sun (ego) and Chiron (wound), we may find ourselves exhausted for the rest of the weekend, as we parse through the intense feelings that have been coming up non-stop.

Retrograde Mercury also made contact with Neptune yesterday, making our communicative abilities less than direct. There is a potential for our thoughts and words to have been bent, mirrored, or lost in a void.

Today’s contact between the Moon and Neptune brings us an opportunity for heart connection and sweet healing. Neptune is a planet that complicates things quite often with his foggy energy, but found in a harmonious trine with the Moon, our feelings become glowing gossamer. Reach for poetry and music, reach for play, reach for meditation. These activities will not necessarily ground you, but will bring you closer to your own heart.

March 22, 2019

Today the Moon enters Scorpio, and for the next two days our emotions are focused, intently, on what lies beneath the surface. Scorpio is the sign ruled by Mars and Pluto, planets of aggression and revolution, conquest and obsession. There is power here, transformative and dark. But don’t forget that Scorpio is a water sign, and as such has wild and brilliant power for healing-if we let it sink beneath our skin. One of the hardest things to do is to go deep, go dark, go into our own personal underworlds. But in that space, there is room for richness, and for transformation.

At 1:39am the Moon squares Saturn, bringing tension to our hearts. If you started projects that you’re looking to see take off, you might awake this morning concerned about that to-do list. Saturn’s square to the moon makes us doubt our ability to pull things off as we need to. Return to your original plan and remind yourself of why you’re doing this work. There is power there.

At 7:30am the Moon squares off with Pluto, and again, we are struck by the painful or broken things that we keep in subterranean places. If you feel an ache, let it up and out. You can sob, even if it feels like there is glass in your throat. Acknowledging your pain clears the path ahead.

Later and in a more supportive manner, the moon sextiles Jupiter, encouraging us to find expansion and optimism for the here and now. Surround yourself with people who care for you, they want to sparkle with you this afternoon. Let people in and delight in the results.

Later, the Moon harmonizes with Venus, making us loving, sweet, charming. We’ll feel pretty, renewed, nourished. If you’re still feeling rocky from the more difficult energy of the early morning, hold a stone in your hands and feel it grow warm. That warmth is a reminder of your lifeforce, which hums beneath your exact skin, and is precisely yours.

In the evening the Moon opposes Uranus in Taurus, and there is an opportunity for either instability or inspiration to strike tonight. If you find yourself stepping out on the town, unexpected conversations or meetings may take place tonight, or otherwise strange synchronicities will call your attention to something you forgot.

March 21, 2019

Today Venus, planet of passion, goddess of surfaces, squares off with Mars, planet of aggression and conquest. Great energy bursts forth from this square, and is expressed in tension of all kinds: emotional, spiritual, sexual, intellectual. If you find yourself slipping into a more forceful pronouncement of your hates and loves, be mindful, and see where it takes you. Tend to your temper, my dears, it might get the better of us today.

Adding into the mix is a robust and embodied sextile between Venus and Jupiter. This aspect gives us optimism, strength, and imbues us with a gorgeous energy. We’ll feel charismatic and magnetic. Taking this in combination with the square between Venus and Mars this is sure to be a busy and powerful day. I hope it carries you somewhere new, somewhere warm.