March 20, 2019

As we sleep, the Moon trines Saturn. From dream comes truth, from fantasy comes reality. Find ways to translate your gorgeous desires into solid plans, Saturn supports you today in this endeavor.

Soonafter, the moon opposes Mercury, which is still retrograde. It’s possible you’ll awake feeling jolted by a burst of new information, or circumstances may prove confusing as you move through the beginning of your day. The cosmos have so much for us to take in, today. Breathe through the chaos, if it finds you.

At 4:37am, Mars trines Pluto. This is a powerful combination, as the rulers of Scorpio support one another in this harmonious aspect. We’re imbued with Scorpionic clarity, bravery, and force, as this aspect encourages us to come to powerful new conclusions, and find the strength to vanquish our most frustrating issues.

The Moon trines Pluto at 7:04am, and here truth and insight bubble up from the depths. We’ll be speaking directly from the heart today, finding ourselves unafraid of speaking truth to power, and this will be the catalyst for great change in our lives.

Just as the moon trines Pluto, she also trines Mars, as they sit conjunct one another. Again, this is a recipe for bravery, for supported action, and for warm clarity.

At 7:28am Mercury forms an energetic sextile to Saturn, and we are reminded here to continue making those to-do lists for the days after Mercury retrograde. Mercury sextile Saturn brings us clarity of mind, wit, and tongue, and empowers us to find fresh routes on the path to self-mastery. Not all of our problems will be solved by this, as Mercury is still retrograde, but I like to remind you of the potential of this aspect for your own energy, vision, and planning.

The Moon squares Jupiter at 8:22am, and we may feel restricted or unsure of where to turn. Lucky for us, fresh energy is just around the corner, as the Sun enters Aries at 2:59pm.

A fresh astrological year has arrived, and not a moment too soon. Today is the vernal equinox, as well as the first day of Aries time, AS WELL AS the full moon in Libra. Beginning and end, release and gather, inhale, exhale, it is all here before us.

The moon reaches fullness at 6:43pm, in the sign Libra, opposing the Sun. I’ll devote another post to the symbolism of this moment, but clocking in at 0° Libra, this full moon is a significant, critical moment of fresh start for us all.

March 19, 2019

Today the moon passes through the sign Virgo, attuning us to rituals of the body, internal rhythms that manifest in outward expressions of healing and helping. Matters around our day jobs will suddenly seem more pertinent. We might be tempted to try to get some new details straight, but do remember that Mercury is still retrograde, so nothing will necessarily able to be set in stone!

Today the Moon opposes Neptune. Imagine a lavender mist covering all of our systems of communication, feeling, and expression. No information transmitted save for projections of dreams and stream of consciousness language. This is the vibe of today’s contact between the Moon and Neptune. If today, you feel like you are soaking in a dream, it’s because you are. Find ways to engage the inspiration that comes through, prismatic, before the energy leaves us. Abandon any notions of making sense.

March 18, 2019

This morning in the small hours, the moon opposes Venus, bringing tension and pressure to our heart-spaces. There is lots of culmination happening this week, as Pisces season winds down and a fresh astrological year begins on Wednesday. Now is the time to be really checking in with yourself about the weight of your feelings, and how your relationships bring validation as well as discomfort. Are you growing?Or are things a little too compressed? Ask yourself this today, especially as you wake, and start a fresh week.

At 5:06am the moon squares off with Mars, another moment of pressure, conflict, disruption. If you feel like you leap out of bed this morning with dreams of discord around your ears, take good care. Breathe deeply. Pressure builds in the chest due to this aspect, but we can move through it together. Be mindful of your temper as you begin your day.

Things look up after that, though, as the moon trines Jupiter, planet of expansion and fertility, at 8:19am. Here we bloom. We are able to open up today as a result of this contact between the luminary of the emotions and the planet of growth. Find new ways to express yourself on an emotional level, and Jupiter will find a way to harmoniously support your endeavors.

In the evening the moon trines Uranus, bringing inspiration, curiosity, and a touch of genius to your plans. You may receive a burst of new insight regarding an old problem, especially one pertaining to your emotional well-being. I hope you feel supported as you envision your future.

March 17, 2019

Today the Moon is in Leo, and our hearts are warm. Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, and rules over art, performance, self-expression, and artistic fertility. The Moon in Leo encourages us to reach out, to be social, to connect with people close to our hearts, and to find joy in the act of telling it like it is. With all of the Piscean, Neptunian, retrograde energy floating around us at this time, we can use this lunar expression as a way of finding heat, force, and passion to carry us forward.

Today the retrograde Mercury makes contact with Mars, forming a sextile angle to the planet of war at 8:23pm. Sparks fly. The planet of language and communication strikes a bold, brave conversation with the planet of war and conquest. This aspect is here to lend support to those of us who feel like we’re cast adrift lately, and brings focus to our ability to turn our words into focused action. Of course, Mercury’s retrograde motion complicates this a bit, and there is a chance that we’ll find ourselves speaking boldly but with the need to re-state or correct our words, as retrograde Mercury encourages misconception.

March 15, 2019

Today the moon is in Cancer, the sign she rules over. This is called the moon in her domicile. We can picture the moon comfortably resting in her own lunar palace, perfectly at home, nurturing and nourished by her ability to recharge in in the sign of the crab. Today is a beautiful day for connecting with those who are near and dear to your heart, as well as for finding time to find grounding in your own home, however that makes itself manifest to you.

In the afternoon, Mercury retrograde squares off with Jupiter in Sagittarius, which fills us with a combustible optimism. Mercury retrograde is focused on calling our attention to details we misplaced or forgot, but Jupiter wants to expand and push forward. There is a tension here, and we might feel concurrently cheerful and bossy, or a little too cocky. Be sure to tend to the reality of your life. The dream Jupiter describes is so enticing, but there is more work to be done before we get there.

In the evening the moon forms a harmonious trine with Neptune, planet of fog and dream. This is a lush, gorgeous aspect that amps up intuition, emotional sensitivity, and artistic desire. A perfect evening to settle in with your favorite art practice, my dears.

In the evening the moon in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn, which may find us feeling withdrawn or unsure of where we stand in our personal relationships, as judgmental Saturn puts pressure on the moon, our emotional epicenter. If you find yourself casting about for answers from other people, remember that sometimes we need to find responses from within first, before we are ready to move forward with others.

March 14, 2019

How are you all feeling about those intentions you set around the new moon in Pisces last week? We’re at the waxing quarter moon, and it’s time to check in with that sense of growth. Ask yourself what you’ve done to bring your new moon dreams to fruition.

In the small hours the Moon in Gemini opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius, calling in a sense of emotional optimism and cheer, as well as a tendency to expand, slightly overdoing it in the realm of feelings. I want you to feel positive and empowered, my dears, but if you feel yourself veering into strange territory, remember that this influence is passing. It can be a little stressful if we wind up forgetting ourselves.

Soonafter, Mars, planet of sexual aggression and action, and Saturn, planet of self-mastery, form a harmonious trine angle with one another. if there was ever a day to find power and energy to prevail, this is one of the best moments for it. With Mars and Saturn supporting one another, our sense of bravery is wedded to our sense of responsibility, a surefire combination to find your stride and cover some new ground.

The moon squares off with the sun and Mercury, both in Pisces. Mercury retrograde squaring the moon brings confusion and miscommunication to our emotional selves, and the moon square the sun makes it so that there is an even greater tension between head and heart. Mind your boundaries, and be kind to yourselves, ok?

In the afternoon, the moon sextiles Uranus, bringing surprises and electric shocks to our emotional narratives. New information may come to light, or else a new emotional perspective is possible. Uranus is inventive, and suggests new ways forward in this energized sextile angle to the moon.

In the evening, the sun meets up with Mercury in his retrograde path, which might find us talking a lot but not making too much sense. Old conversations, thoughts, insecurities may come up for reevaluation. Breathe into it, friends. Sometimes there is richness in confusion.

March 13, 2019

A sparkling note is struck today between the sun, luminary of the ego, or the will, and Pluto, planet of revolution, transformation, and obsession. The sextile angle formed between the Sun in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn makes this a powerful day for finding regenerative energy for yourself. We have been floating through a strange void, with Pisces season making us merge emotionally, and Mercury retrograde having us in an echo chamber of missed information, or redundant experiences. Today’s sun sextile Pluto is an opportunity to find yourself on fertile, transformative ground, and to remind yourself to keep digging into work that speaks to you on a soul level, for there is nothing superficial about Pluto, lord of the underworld.

The moon trines Venus today, making this a beautiful day for art practices of all kinds, as well as for connecting with people who love and support you, as harmonious Venus’s beauty is amplified by her trine to the emotional moon.

The moon later squares off with Neptune, bringing confusion, illusion, and fog to our feelings. Sometimes there is something to uncover in the fog, but sometimes there are only mirages. Remember that not all that passes through your chest this afternoon is permanent, and do your best to stay focused. If anything, channel this energy into painting, poetry, song, photography, dance, anything performative, as Neptune loves the stage.

In the evening, the sun squares off with Jupiter, and we may feel restricted in terms of our future plans and mobility. Sun square Jupiter brings tension between the ego and our sense of expansion. We may handle this energy by becoming overly confident, overly ambitious, biting off more than we can chew. Or we may feel like there is no point in proceeding on our path. In both cases, you must return yourself to a place of moderation, my dears. It is easy to get off track now.

March 12, 2018

Hello hello, it is Tuesday and at 8:48am the moon enters Gemini, the mutable air sign of expression, imagination, language, and dreams. Ordinarily I’d say that with the moon in Gemini, we’d be able to take a step back from the watery feel of Pisces time, just for a moment, due to Gemini’s airy nature. But Gemini is ruled by Mercury, who is retrograde. This doesn’t mean that logic is out of reach, but rather, that we are bending our perception of reality around mirrors tucked in corners these days.

With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, logic is filtered through imagination, intuition, and dream. Logic comes from a deeper place than the mind, at the moment, and with this rearrangement of perception comes new insight. If Pisces season is an ocean with its own poetic current, it makes little sense to fight against the flow. We are being led down new paths by Mercury’s backward motion, and down into deeper caves with the Sun, Neptune, and Mercury in Pisces.

All the while, if you feel a call to engage this Gemini energy, remember that Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is the only god who can travel both up to Mount Olympus as well as down to Hades. Mercury delivers messages from on high, as well as leads us into the underworld, or into the realm of dream at night. There is as much information in the realm of shadow as there is in the daylight world. Moon in Gemini while Mercury is retrograde in Pisces is a reminder of this.

Phew! At 2:31am the Moon connects with that pesky Mercury rx, which makes all of the above more potent, as the luminary of emotions connects with our beloved retrograding Mercury. This is definitely a morning when we might wake up with a piece of dream stuck to our skin. Do take care to understand what you peel off, untangle, or otherwise react to.

That’s all for today. Sending you all flowers from Mercury.

March 8, 2019

Early this morning, at 4:29am, the Moon forms an energized sextile to Venus, planet of love, money, and values. This imbues us with charm, warmth, and genuine affection. It’s a lovely day to spend with people you genuinely care for, as the luminary of emotions (Moon) supports and stimulates the planet of romantic connectivity. This is also a lovely aspect for art, and for expressing how you feel.

In the evening at 11:10pm, the Sun sextiles Saturn, making the night and tomorrow morning a perfect time to get to work on long-term projects that we’ve been chipping away at for a while now. With the Sun and Saturn corresponding to one another in this highly active manner, there is an effortless transformation of energy from mind to things that call for responsible, diligent, and methodical work. Not the most avant-garde of Friday night aspects, but I’ll personally take all the help from a supportive Saturn aspect I can get!

As we go about our days, we all have things that we know we’d rather be doing. Our passion projects simmer on the back burner until we are able to get to them. The trick is making sure your efforts don’t evaporate, which is what happens if we put too much time between our projects and our focus.

Saturn is a task-master. He makes us move slow. He is in charge of time. Putting one foot in front of the other is the only thing to do when Saturn is around. BUT. This aspect between Sun and Saturn brings some levity, some warmth, and some movement to our Saturn-tasks. I hope you all feel productive, engaged, and clear about your innate ability to get things done.

March 7, 2019

Today the Moon enters Aries, and we start a fresh emotional cycle. We get a small reprieve from the heavy watery feel of the sun, moon, Mercury, and Neptune in PIsces as the moon separates from these other planets.

Moon in Aries talks to us about pursuing emotional paths to individuality. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and represents the energy of curiosity, exploration of the unknown, and a fearless charging toward the horizon. Think of the ram, the symbol of Aries, who rushes horns-first into any kind of conflict. This is a perfect metaphor for the sign, which combines bravery with genuine curiosity, and good natured competitiveness.

For the next few days the Moon in Aries asks us to explore things with fresh eyes. Think of yourself as the ram reborn, after all of that watery reflection the Pisces new moon brought to us. Fill your heart with warmth, with fire, and with abundance. Do it in the name of Aries.

Today, before the Moon enters Aries, she briefly conjuncts Mercury at 29° Pisces. The conjunction between Moon and Mercury usually encourages us to speak from the heart, and to speak passionately, as language (Mercury) and heart (Moon) meet.

With Mercury retrograde, the Moon’s conjunction means that old conversations will be brought up for examination, or old feelings may resurface unexpectedly. Remember that retrograde, while being a bit of a nuisance, is a time to reconnect to lost pieces of the puzzle. If you are being shown something again, trust that perhaps it is worthy of your attention for this moment in time. We’ll need to be patient for the next few weeks, my dears. We’re here together.

March 6th, 2019

Early this morning Uranus finally enters Taurus. Uranus is a slow-moving outer planet, and he has not been in Taurus since 1934. He will stay in this sign for the next seven years, ushering in new conversation around technology, futurity, the earth, art, resources, and health. We are moving away from the relationship we had to tech for the past seven years, when it was used in a very Aries manner, to explore the limits of identity via social media platforms, for example. With Uranus shifting into Taurus, we are asked to pause, to take stock of our use (and abuse) of tech and its impact on our bodies, and on our planet. New blends of art and technology will be seen, as well as new ways of merging tech and resources. I’m personally hoping we can make some leaps in terms of climate change, using our sense of Uranian utopianism to bring environmental devastation to a stop. Check in with me in seven years to see what unfolded.

The moon is new in Pisces today, the last new moon of the astrological year. New moons are always a time to set intentions. The new moon in Pisces asks us to find quiet contemplation around matters pertaining to healing, illness, spirituality, suffering, the collective, dreams, and intuitions. We can all cast our nets out into the collective unconscious tonight, for the sake of connecting with what lies beneath the dark waters of our psyche. I hope this is a peaceful and contemplative new moon for you all.

The sun conjuncts Neptune, bringing a hazy, fantastical vibe to the evening. Beware of getting swept away in reverie, drunkenness, any kind of substance use—the effects will be heightened tonight. If that’s what you’re looking for, the by all means, enjoy. But for those of us trying to keep our feet on the ground, be mindful of the merge between fantasy and reality.

The moon makes contact with Mars, Saturn, AND Pluto today, and in this way we find something solid to lean on, to inspire action, bravery, and striving towards truth. Moon sextile Mars fills us with warmth, as the god of war guides us up and out of our heart spaces, encouraging us to explore our environment and the people in it. Moon sextile Saturn tells us that we are able to translate dream to tangible plan, or at least to solid to-do list. And Moon sextile Pluto sees us engaging in the depths of psyche, and finding it easy to speak truth to power.

If you’re feeling swept away by the cosmic current, you are not alone, sweet reader. There is so much change, so much fog, so much dream. I encourage you to embrace the Piscean nature of things, as there is little alternative. Though it is important to stay grounded, the new moon in Pisces is a beautiful invitation to connect to the unseen. There is potential for growth, for learning, and for rebirth, out of the dream-ether.

March 5, 2019

Today the moon enters Pisces while we are asleep. Be aware of the state of your imagination as you wake. Pisces is the queen of dreams, the unconscious, intuition, and fantasy. Ruled by Neptune, planet of fantasy and delirium, as well as artistic inspiration, madness, and healing, Pisces is a sign that speaks to us about the soul, the state of the collective, and the wisdom that lies in the inversion of logic.

Pisces knows how to play. The influence of Neptune can bring a childlike glimmer to the eye of this sign, which remember, is symbolized by two fish tethered together. One fish swims in the realm of dream, the other swims in the material, or real world. The moon in Pisces is an invitation to drop in to a place of playful intuition. Alice’s wonderland awaits those who remember that there is healing in madness.

At 12:05am the moon forms an energetic sextile to Uranus, planet of sudden change, futurity, and surprise. This brings an electric power to our emotions, and encourages us to feel our way toward something new, something as yet unexperienced. The vibe is a bit unstable though, so take good care, and protect your boundaries if you feel overwhelmed.

At 10:19am Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces at 29°, which is known as the anaretic degree, or the final degree of the sign. Mercury’s trip through Pisces has been a doozy for many of us, as Mercury, the planet of communication, gets his wires crossed in foggy, dreamy Pisces. Mercury’s desire for crisp wit and quick answers is denied by Pisces’s soft, watery way of expressing herself.

Mercury will be retrograde through March 28th, and will retrograde back from 29° to 16°. Events, conversations, connections, pieces of paper, emails, texts, voicemails, travel plans, fights you had with your roommate/partner(s) between February 20th and March 4th will all be potentially revisited.

Mercury retrograde sends ripples of anxiety through the internet, I know, and yes, things can go wrong at this time. But I always like to offer this alternative perspective, and that is that Mercury RX is a time where we are invited to go back and reconnect with things we just lived through. It’s like a little cosmic opportunity to check in with yourself about choices you made, steps you took, places you went, so that you can make sure you are on the proper path for YOU.

Obviously answers do not come easily to us with Mercury RX in Pisces. But with that said, the beauty of this transit is that perhaps in this moment, we can practice not needing all the answers ASAP. Maybe we can learn to get more comfortable in the liminal spaces of mystery, intuition, and stillness. With Mercury leading our minds back through our choices of the past few weeks, we have an opportunity to reconnect, but you don’t have to hit the bullseye. There is power in simply being gracious enough to observe, and to breathe into the weirdness of the moment.

Or maybe this all sounds like torture to you! Hah! I don’t have any answers, my dears, only observations from my ephemeris. I just always like to offer another way to think about these astro events that get a lot of attention, because we are all different, our charts are all different, and there are many ways of being in this life.

Tomorrow we’ll see the new moon in Pisces, and the day after that, Uranus officially enters Taurus for the first time since 1934. She’ll be in Taurus for 7 years. But more on that another day.

March 4, 2019

Today the Moon sparks an energized sextile to Jupiter, planet of expansion, fertility, and excess. We’ll feel inspired, curious, intelligent, and permissive, as we move through the day. With all the other Neptunian influence, with the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune in Pisces, there is a chance here that we might be taken for a ride, in a sense. There is a heavy fantasy feel to these days, my dears, without a clear indication of what is up or down.

With Mercury about to station retrograde, Uranus about the enter Taurus, and the New Moon on the horizon, we’re in a bit of an astrological dreamland. Through the looking glass, or something like it. These are gorgeous days for art, for feeling, for intuition and empathizing. These are difficult days for anything else. Truly.

If you feel the need to answer a call from the realm of dream, pick up the phone. There is power in our intuition, and in the unseen. If you’re feeling completely overwhelmed, remember that Virgo is the astrological opposite to Pisces. She is the mutable earth sign who symbolizes connection to the body, connection to the earth, and ritualized devotion to health. You can still access her if you need her. Obsidian, poppy jasper, and garnet can all help bring you to a more earthly plane. If that’s not what you’re looking for, aquarmarine is a Pisces stone. Remember that we’re all here together.

March 3, 2019

Today the Moon is in Aquarius, and as such we are encouraged to think through our feelings. Aquarius is an air sign, and while we are all emotional beings of our own nature, air signs have a tendency to intellectualize, or mentally compartmentalize their feelings before those feelings get translated to the heart space. Thus the Moon in Aquarius is an invitation to take a moment to mentally analyze your feelings without completely diving into them (though it is Pisces season, so feelings are unavoidable, I know!).

Aquarius is the water bearer. Imagine pouring your oceanic feelings into a bright brilliant green bowl. Imagine yourself sitting in front of this bowl in contemplation of the emotions caught in that vessel. You might surprise yourself in the process of taking that step between head and heart. Making space for yourself can be as simple as sitting still for just a moment, my dears.

Today we’ll see the Moon square off with Mars. Here, the emotions and action sense come to clash with one another. Will you retreat, or will you be pushed to eruption? You are being asked to rethink the stakes of your arguments, and the values of the life you have created thus far. Tempers will be frustrated today, so do take care to take many deep breaths.

There will be a ton of cosmic activity this week with Mercury stationing retrograde on the 5th, the New Moon on the 6th as well as Uranus’s ingress into Taurus, where she’ll stay for the next seven years. Take this Sunday to connect with yourself as much as possible, your inner monologues, your anxieties, your dreams. Things will be changing soon, so take heart, and remain receptive.

February 24, 2019

Today the Moon trine Neptune, planet of fantasy, madness, healing, and dream. We’ll feel supported in our efforts to move from the heart, to create beauty in our worlds. With this aspect, our cup overflows with compassion. By blending kindness and intuition, we find ourselves in a place of comfort.

In the afternoon the Moon sextiles Saturn, energizing us to do the work we are most called to do. Often Saturn makes us bend beneath his weight, like small flowers in strong wind. Today however, he empowers us, tilts our chins up, and helps us focus on the path ahead. Make confident strides towards self-mastery today. Move with purpose. Saturn supports you.

In the evening the Moon connects in a similar manner to Pluto, forming a sextile angle at 11:17pm. This imbues the evening with intensity and focus, as well as a heavy psychological curiosity. Long-buried information, observation, comes to the surface. This is an aspect of invigoration, release. Though falling asleep this Sunday night might be a little difficult, we are coming to terms with important concepts of self, of love, and of power.

February 23, 2019

This morning the Moon enters Scorpio, and for the rest of the weekend we are concerned with the shadows of psyche. Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto, the gods of war and the underworld. Scorpio is a sign that is interested primarily in truth. This earns the sign a reputation for intensity, a penetrative gaze, even a temper. This is all carried forth in the name of their commitment to authenticity, integrity, and genuine experience. The superficial is exiled from the realm of Scorpio. Keep this mindset with you as you move through your weekend, my dears. Don’t accept anything less than your worth, and hold fast to the promise of truth.

In the morning the Moon opposes Uranus, bringing lightingbolts of surprise and disconnect to our heart spaces. Moon opposite Uranus makes it so that the planet of sudden change puts pressure on our emotions. If you find yourself questioning why things are the way they are, let yourself explore that emotional path. There might be some alternative avenue to the future you haven’t yet explored.

Mercury then forms an energetic sextile to Pluto, and we are emboldened in our search for what lies in our own personal depths. Words from the deepest reaches of your mind may come up and out today. A powerful day for speaking your truth, and for speaking in the name of radical change, as Pluto marshals a revolutionary spirit.

In the afternoon the Moon trines the Sun, and we receive support. Our feelings connect with our intellect, mind intelligence to body intelligence, as they say. I hope you glow with your own strength.

In the evening the Moon opposes Mars. We’ll feel a little nervous, a little impulsive, a little hot under the collar. I hope you can find ways to translate this passion into embodied action, but if you find yourself lashing out, do try to remember that this will soon pass. Words spoken now will wound, as Mars is always equipped with his spear. Choose yours carefully.

February 22, 2019

The heavens are activated today my dears, with some important aspects struck that seek to draw us to deeper understanding of ourselves and our relation to our visions of the future.

In the morning the Moon squares off with Saturn, and we might rise from slumber feeling blocked, unsure if the steps we’ve recently taken are the right ones. If you have been putting one foot in front of another, please do not doubt yourself, my dear. Saturn means to bring us to a place of self-mastery, but in this aspect, he is like a disapproving parent, and brings pressure to our feelings. Gather your wits, remind yourself that you are moving from a place of alignment, and keep moving.

At 12:40pm Mercury squares Jupiter, which can make us feel larger than life. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and in conversation with Mercury, the planet of language, we may find ourselves talking a big game today. I want you to feel assured in your daydreaming, but don’t forget the details. What’s just over that faraway mountain is as important as the stones you must climb before you reach the summit.

The Moon then forms an activated sextile to Jupiter, and this is another moment of energetic expansion, optimism, growth. Our feelings grow large, illuminated by Jupiter’s fertile light. We can use this as momentum if we are in the process of making plans for the future. Trust your dreams of growth, and take steps toward the life you most want.

In the evening Venus and Pluto meet in Capricorn, and this conjunction pulls us into deep and powerful moods and conversations. Venus is our planet of love, harmony, values, and Pluto is the lord of the underworld. He brings depth, revolution, transformation. With these two planets meeting up, we are encouraged to think deeply and seriously about the values we hold important. What is your agenda? Do you long for power? Do you seek higher ground? Are you honest with yourself about your place in the world? What can you do, my dear, to live from a place of centered truth, rather than living out someone else’s version of success, happiness, health?

Venus conjunct Pluto is love in the underworld. These planets are both in Capricorn now, and so this conjunction takes on an earthy feel. Capricorn is the sea-goat who combines intuition with embodied experience. Go deep, go dark, there is room for you in the places you most want to connect with. Eschew superficiality in all its forms, and find yourself breaking free.

The Moon squares the Venus/Pluto conjunction, putting extra pressure on this aspect. We’ll all be feeling intense, brooding, even a little demanding. Get lost in deep conversation with someone who shares your vision of the world. We are being asked to start building our vision of the future. Whether or not that includes dreams of utopia, we must start by truly, honestly engaging with one another and ourselves.

February 21, 2019

The Moon enters Libra today, my dears. Libra is a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus, goddess of love, aesthetics, and resources. Libra is famed for her beauty, her sweet demeanor, and her style. More importantly though, Libra is the sign of justice. Remember her glyph, the golden scales. In Libra, Venus’s influence is one of beauty as well as one of balance, harmony, and the fair and just resolution of unequal circumstance.

With the Moon in Libra we are asked to consider the balance of things, how we contribute to this balance, and what we can do to move toward greater harmony, both personally and on a collective basis. Libra governs the seventh house, the house of partnerships. The Moon in Libra reminds us of the importance of reaching out, of connecting in harmony so that we can stride together towards a place where justice reigns.

There are no other exact aspects today. Take some time to finish integrating the lessons, insight, experiences that the Full Moon in Virgo brought to your attention. Under the Libra Moon today we can find balance within and without, a lovely astrological opportunity to take a breath before we press forward.

February 20, 2019

The conjunction of Mercury and Neptune on Feb 18th dragged up some confusing material from the depths, as Neptune is the foggy planet of fantasy and bewilderment, and Mercury is the communicator. We’re moving away from this aspect now, but it’s best to remember that Mercury and Neptune will make contact again while Mercury is retrograde in couple of weeks.

Hopefully yesterday’s Full Moon in Virgo put you on a proper path to release of unhealthy energies, my dears. We have one more day of Moon in Virgo energy, so keep working with these Full Moon vibes while we can.

Today we’ll see the Moon oppose Neptune, drawing us into a net of confusion and emotional turmoil. Foggy Neptune casts a haze over the luminary of emotions, so move with focus today.

Soonafter the Moon trines Saturn, and we are supported in our desires to move forward. Saturn requests that we make a plan, one that makes use of diligence and discipline. Small steps are key for us right now, so keep putting one foot in front of the other, OK? <3

In the afternoon we’ll see the Moon trine Venus, and our emotions are harmonized, even if just for a moment. Trines are stabilizing angles, and this aspect strikes a supportive conversation between the luminary of emotions and our sense of love and values. This is a lovely moment to reach out to someone important, or to connect with your own self, lovingly.

At 3:41pm the Moon squares Jupiter, planet of expansion and excess. This troubles us, and we may feel a bit trapped, like we can’t see what’s coming around the bend. The only thing we can do in this moment is work with that earlier supportive Moon trine Saturn energy. Make plans, make a to-do list, and don’t focus on what you cannot control.

In the evening the Moon trines Pluto, amplifying what lies hidden beneath the surface. We’ll be interested in all things psychological and obscure. If you’re looking for new information, it might come out at this point, as Pluto and the Moon support one another, and kick off the evening in the name of depth.

February 19, 2019

The Moon moves into Virgo and at 0° strikes an opposition with the Pisces Sun. Et voila! A full moon in Virgo is here for us all. With connections to mythic healers like Chiron, mythic queens like Persephone, doulas, midwives, and all kinds of attendants of small creatures, the Full Moon in Virgo is here to initiate a new cycle of healing, of connectivity, and of health. 

At 5:51am the Moon trines Uranus, and we feel supported by our electric and intuitive insights. Inspiration comes suddenly, and we may be surprised by conversations that come from our heart spaces. Follow that lighting bolt, let it lead you somewhere new. 

At 12:31pm the Moon trines Mars, imbuing us with bravery, and keeping us warm. Mars is the planet of passion, conquest, and sexual aggression. With his trine to the Moon we receive emotional support, and are able to feel sure of ourselves. 

Later on at 6:39pm the planet of communication, Mercury, forms an activated sextile to Saturn, planet of self-mastery. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to progress in our personal projects, and to feel like we can talk about growth. Sextiles are energetic angles, and this conversation struck up between the planet of language and intellect and the planet of boundaries and time can only help us form a plan for our path forward. I believe in you!